Essay on Chinatown (The movie and Play)

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Prompt: Write an essay.Use good supporting detail from Chinatown to support your thesis. Please make clear in the body of your paper or in a footnote whether you are citing the film, the screenplay or a combination. As with previous writing, be sure to avoid narration and plot summary; strive for depth of analysis.


Love: Evelyn Mulwray, in response to questions from Jake, says of her relationships, “I don’t see anyone for very long, Mr. Gittes. It’s difficult for me” (60). By the end of the screenplay, we know the most dramatic reason for the difficulty—her incestuous relationship with her father; however, Chinatown suggests other difficulties that work against love. Advance a thesis about the underlying reasons for the difficulty of love in Chinatown. In brainstorming about this topic, consider Jake as well as Evelyn.


Length: 1200 words (approximately 4 typed pages)

As with previous papers, avoid the five-paragraph format. Connect ideas using topic sentences.

If you consult outside work, you must cite it (using the MLA format), or the paper may be considered plagiarized.

Note. If you are quoting from the film, do as best you can with dialogue. (In formal film writing, you should write the time in the film when lines occur. I won’t require that.) If you are using the screenplay, please cite the page in the ASU posted version.)

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