Identify a research topic related to mental health counseling / borderline personality disorder/ sleep issues

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Identify a research topic related to your specialization or area of interest (mental health counseling), and locate at least five recent (within the past five years) research articles on your selected topic.

How sleep is effected in those with borderline personality disorder and what research is found and could be used to help improve ways to better sleep

BPD and Sleep issues


In 6–8 pages, write an evaluation in which you complete the following:

  1. Begin your paper with an introduction that explains the purpose of the paper and its contents.
  2. Identify and describe your research topic.
  3. Synthesize your professional experience and the articles you found on your topic to justify the importance of doing research on this topic.
    • Discuss some of the limitations in the findings of the research articles you identified and how future research could add meaningful information to the knowledge base.
  4. Identify one or more theories used by researchers of your research topic.
    • Discuss how future research could help advance theories in your field of study.
  5. Based on the designs used by researchers in the articles you found, discuss the research procedures that you think would be best in investigating the research topic.
  6. Explain why each component of scientific merit is important in determining the quality of research.
  7. End your paper with a summary and a conclusion.
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