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part 1

This week’s discussion question:

Assume that you have to configure a network route between two networks that are in the same building, on different floors. You’ve decided to configure the default gateway on each network to route outbound packets.

What routing protocol will you use? Explain your choice.

part 2

You have just been hired as a consultant by an eCommerce Chocolate Company to implement security controls. The company is fairly new, but growing rapidly and must start to meet PCI regulations. Recommend 3-5 information security controls and discuss why the company should start with these areas. (200 words)

part 3

  1. What is the definition of an audit universe? What is included in an audit universe?
  2. Discuss the phases of the audit cycle. In your opinion which is the most important?
  3. What is COBIT? How is it used in an IT environment? In what way does COBIT aid an IT organization?
  4. Locate online an audit document. Provide the link to the audit document. Briefly explain what was audited, the results, and any suggestions for remediation.
  5. What types and frequency of communication would you suggest for an audit in process?
  6. Who or what is ISACA? Briefly discuss some key ethical requirements a CISA must adhere to.
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