Write an essay and exercise

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I need to answer the following questions by reading the attached file chapter 2. Make sure using APA style and please consider that the assignment will be checked by the instructor to avoid plagiarism.


Write an essay of approximately 500 words in which you describe “the typical reader” of a magazine with which you are familiar. The articles in themagazine, the ads, and the letters to the editor will give you valuable clues about the target audience at which the magazine is aimed. Include in your essay such information as the gender, age, interests, and personality of the typical reader. Note that this assignment calls for an expository essay. (prefer Business and trade)


1. Use the methods discussed in this chapter to generate ideas for an essay on each of the following topics:■A person who has had a significant influence on your life ■Typical characteristics of the dysfunctional family ■The benefits of school uniforms ■A review of a restaurant where you have eaten recently ■Strikes by professional athletes ■Sexual harassment ■A topic already assigned to you in another course you are taking (make up your own topic if you have not yet been given an assignment)


Answer all questions in complete sentences. Avoid incomplete sentences and single phrase answers. (-2 points for each instance).

Complete questions in your own words; i.e., understand fully the concepts of the chapter, process the information and answer questions based upon what is stated in the chapter and by your own impression and understanding. Don’t be afraid to conduct further research.

Complete the entire list of assigned questions. Failure to answer each question will result in a lower score.

Spell check and edit (proofread) your assignments before submitting them. Points will be deducted for multiple errors. (-1 to -2 points depending on the frequency of the errors).

Use proper grammar in your work. Avoid awkward syntax (-2 for improperly worded or awkward sentences).

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