Moving from CP to AP Reflection

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Moving from CP to AP Reflection

Due in class on Wednesday, February 12.

First, open your Annotated Bibliography for the CP. Reread your six annotations, paying attention to the information that proved useful in the Context Project.

Once you’ve gone over your CP Annotated Bib, answer the questions below in 300 to 500 words

  1. Using the Annotated Bib: To what extent were you able to apply the information and analysis you provided in your annotations into your Contexts Project? What elements of the annotations proved most useful to you as you drafted the CP? Did you integrate direct quotations into your annotations, and, if so, did you end up using these quotations in your CP? Why or why not?
  2. Knowing what you know now about the process of moving from an annotated bibliography into a full draft, is there anything you plan to do differently in your annotations for the Advocacy Project?
  3. Moving from CP to AP: For Part Two of the 39C research project, we’re moving from an expository (descriptive) essay to an argumentative one, in which you’ll advocate for a particular mitigation effort. Which specific sources do you intend to repurpose from the CP into the AP? How do you anticipate you might reframe the information you presented in the CP in order to advocate for a particular effort or solution in the AP?
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