Answer 3 discussion questions and write 1 essay (725 WORDS TOTAL)

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1. Why is it difficult to stop money for terrorists from coming into the United States? Are there any means not listed in the text that might be used to stop financial support of terrorists from entering the United States? What should be done with money confiscated from terrorist organizations? Cite and summarize the sources you consulted. CHAPTER 17 75 words

2. What are the reasons for the growth of violent gangs in the United States over the past twenty years? What attracts members to join? Chapter 18 75 words

3. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that a reasonable time to detain an alien while deportation is pending should not exceed six months. If the illegal alien’s home country will not accept his/her return what should be done with him/her? Consult at least two credible sources – one may be from the internet, and the other may be your book Chapter 19 75 words


“Bringing” an alien into the U.S.

What must a defendant do to constitute illegally “bringing” an alien into the United States?

Is it enough to give the illegal alien fraudulent documents that are used to get through passport checks? What did the court in United States v. Garcia-Paulin, 627 F.3d 127 (5th Cir. 2010) say was required?

Minimum of 3 full pages in length

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