Read the chapter and answer the following 9 questions

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Should be 100 words for each question (minimum 900 words total for all)

You have to include in text citations and references from the attached reading

Please read chapter 5 from the book Communicating in groups and answer the following questions :

  • Explain how communication creates and maintains a group through the process of structuration.
  • Describe the two major tasks groups must manage and how these can create an equilibrium problem for a group.
  • Define primary, secondary, and tertiary tension, and give examples of each. How do these tensions affect group work? How have you experienced and managed these tensions in your current group?
  • Describe Tuckman’s Model of Group Formation.
  • Describe the difference between formal and informal roles, and describe how informal roles emerge during group interaction.
  • Describe the three main categories of informal roles. What sort of roles do you play?
  • Describe the difference between rules and norms. How are norms established?
  • Explain what you would say or do if you wanted to change a group norm.
  • Describe the three components that contribute to a group’s climate

Chapter 5 is attached.

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