Current Diversity Issue Research Paper

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Write a paper regarding the following topic following the guidelines below.

The topic of the paper will be based on gender diversity because we still see that the equality between men and women is fuelling never-ending issues between genders. There are still doubts that women are not equal to men; even though people try to convince themselves otherwise, we are faced with day to day situations that prove that women are not equal to men.

The paper should be structured as follows:

1. Students will write a 7–8 page analysis of a concept or issue related to workplace diversity. The page count does not include the cover or the reference page. Please do not exceed 8 pages.

2. Begin the analysis with a short introductory paragraph expressing what the concept is and why it is significant to you and your colleagues. Be sure to define and describe it carefully.

3. Research the literature (use at least four scholarly sources) to enhance your analysis of the selected concept. Use the course text to support your ideas if appropriate. Provide examples, illustrations, and case studies that will enhance the understanding and appreciation of the concept and analyze the various ways it can be addressed in the workplace.

4. Identify recommendations for further research, education, and management as appropriate.

5. Have an interesting and meaningful conclusion. In the conclusion, bring to a close your analysis of the concept, and go beyond a summary of key points made.

6. **Discuss also the broader implications of the main points addressed in the paper, and any suggestions for workplace diversity training that might apply. This part should be at least 1–2 pages.

Reminders • As with all papers, be sure that the content is accurate, details are relevant, and examples clearly support arguments. • Be sure the paper is well constructed, interesting, relevant, and well documented and that your ideas flow nicely. • Proofread carefully to catch errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other writing issues. • Be creative and present the material in an interesting and engaging manner. • Be sure to follow APA format. Include proper citations of all sources used and a properly formatted reference page.

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