Work Cite Exercise

Works Cited Exercise (Due by Oct. 31 8:30 am)


Works Cited Exercise


Instructions: You are to create a sample Works Cited page using the material below. This will require that you navigate to websites, including RCCC’s own library site. The Works Cited page will have three entries.  Be sure it is formatted just as you would a real Works Cited page, complete with the title Works Cited and the running header.  Remember to alphabetize by last name of author (or title if no author) and to double space everything.  Remember to use proper indentions.  Refer back to the Power Points as needed.


1. Go to the URL and create an entry for a small article from a website:


2.    Go to RCCC’s web site:


3.    In the blue menu bar near top of page, click on Library.  This will give you a pull down menu.


4.    Under the library pull down menu, click on “Library Services.”


5.    Scroll down until you see:


Online Databases

NCLive, NewsBank, SIRS, ProQuest Journals for Criminal Justice, and ProQuest Journals for Nursing are online research databases accessible on campus and remotely with a username and password. However, you must be a student, registered in the library’s database, and in good standing with the library to receive the username and password for remote access. Distance learning students may complete the “Request for Library Card Number” form to register with the library and receive remote access username and password information.


6.    Right click on SIRS (one the library’s databases that you will use for your research paper, along with NCLive.)


7.    This will pop up below.  Click on the first one, ProQuest SIRS Issues researcher:


ProQuest SIRS® Issues Researcher 

Covering the Leading Issues most studied and debated by students. 

*Quick Click to Leading Issues: A-Z list, Groups, Visual Browse


ProQuest SIRS Government Reporter® 

Historic and Government Documents, Directories and Almanacs


ProQuest SIRS Renaissance® 

Current Perspectives on the Arts & Humanities


ProQuest SIRS WebSelect® 

Editorially Selected Web Sites


Spotlight on Celebrate the Constitution 

Celebrating the history and impact of the U.S. Constitution and considering recent interpretations and resulting debates.


f) Click on the topic “AIDS in AFRICA.”


g) Scroll down and click on the article Africans Mark Significant Progress on World AIDS Day;


h) Create a Works Cited entry for this article from the SIRS database.




8.    Go to


9.    In the search bar, type the title Gunfighter Nation and hit “enter.”


10.   Double click on the icon of the book.  It should be the first entry.  It has a wide blue band


along the top half and the picture of a man on a horse on the bottom half.


11.   Click on the icon of the book again.  You should now get a very large image in the            middle of your screen. If you advance this three slides (pages), you will come to the title page.  If you advance it once more, you will come to the copyright page.  Using the material on these pages, create a Works Cited entry for Gunfighter Nation.


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