Week 2 Discussion 1 Algebra

Week 2 discussion is the question I will us to select the person for this work. Complete it and send it back to me by Wednesday morning 0900 EST. if the work is accurate and you meet the deadline I may give the work to you. I will pay 150 dollars for four math discussion questions and four math assignment questions. I have not had the best of luck working with tutors on this site. I have paid in full up front for previous work only to receive assignments late or get failing grades for bad work. For that reason I will only hand shake for no more than 3 dollars up front. The rest will be received after answers are received by me. That means if the work is done early I will pay early. I will offer bonus for each A+ grade received to be paid after the instructor post the final grade for the class. This class could be worth 200 to 200+ depending on work effort received and timeliness meeting my deadlines. Good luck to all who apply.


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