revise my description eesay

I have an essay but i need to revise it i need a detail description of the site I am talking about which is the out door area in norton simon museum  i need to 

break the essay down lI have to talk about every single thing i see even what kind of flower are there what does they look like what kind of plant are there and 
what does make you feel what ?is the water lake sound?  what does it look like is it long short  big small ?what do you like about the exterior of the building ?
what  is the cafe selling ?who are buying from it how does it look like it is a description essay and this is the first step of it look and my examples the teacher 
told me this this what she needs the in the first step is just a description of the garden in norton Simon also please delete the headlines and make changes no 
headlines just description of the place…. no history delete it see the example it is one of the student paper description of her site.
please see the outdoor area photos and describe as much as you can every single detail 

please respond asap if you can do it
this all the steps below but for now i need revised for one and start for step two 

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