Have 2 articles that need to be read with 3 questions to answer.


Read the articles Double Duty: Schools as Community Centers and Community Collaboration to Improve Schools: Introducing a New Model from Ohio. Select one of the following position statements:


Statement 1: Schools are local institutions, central to the life of the community.
Statement 2: Schools are government agencies, controlled and directed by political interests and power.


Evaluate and discuss the selected position statement in relation to


  1. The issues and trends driving policy and reform
  2. The significance of activism 
  3. Public confidence in education
  4. Accountability within the school and community


Support your writing with information from a minimum of two credible resources. One resource should provide information from a related current event or recent legislation. (250 words)






Read the article School Boards. Identify and describe the role of governing or advisory board in effective implementation and operation of a federally mandated education policy (or program), including: 


  1. Resource management (including personnel) 
  2. Allocation of federally appropriated funds
  3. Communication with the community


Support your description with information from a minimum of one credible resource. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. (250 words)




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