Organizational Behavior for WriteMaster



To complete this case study, please (1) read pgs. 1-12 of “Zappos – Happiness In A Box” [], (2) watch “Zappos Company Culture” [], and (3) write a Reaction / Response Essay [500 to 750 words] and post the essay as a reply to this discussion topic. Please include reflections on the learnings we have covered in class (differences, creativity, motivation, enrichment, etc.) in respect to Zappos.


Please reference sections on the topics below with corresponding chapters in citations  (DON’T WORRY ABOUT REFENCES, I WILL HANDLE.)


Additional topics covered in class

Enhancing and improving creativity chapter 5

Attitude, values & ethics chapter 4

Interpersonal communications chapter 8

Leadership in organization chapter 11

Cultural diversity, cross cultural organizational behavior chapter 17


Must be completed by Wed 5 p.m. in order to make updates, edits.


Please contact me if you have any questions.





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