UrbanHistory BONUS DONE

Write a history essay on some subject of your choice related to urban history. This essay must be at least 750 words in length and be based on a minimum of six peer reviewed history articles or a minimum of one book plus at least one additional peer reviewed article on the topic. Ensure you have a good thesis statement and a logically developed argument. The essay must be in APA style and include a cover sheet. 



The essay will be marked with the following mark breakdown: 


• On-time, complies with guidelines, appropriate length, etc. 10% 

• Substantive position with a good use of evidence 35% 

• Good thinking, integration, critique or analysis 20% 

• Well organized, logical essay structure, with good planning and design 10% 

• Appropriate use of APA 5% 

• Well written, good sentence structure & grammar, good academic style 20% 


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