APA Paper – Informatics

Information and Knowledge Needs of Nurses in the 21st Century

In the year 2025, nursing practice enabled by technology has created a professional culture of reflection, critical inquiry, and inter-professional collaboration. Examples of current technology that could change in the future include:

  • Nurses use technology at the point of care in all clinical settings (e.g., primary care, acute care, community, and long-term care) to inform their clinical decisions and effect the best possible outcomes for their clients.
  • Information is gathered and retrieved via human–technology biometric interfaces including voice, visual, sensory, gustatory, and auditory interfaces, continuously monitoring physiologic parameters for potentially harmful imbalances.
  • Longitudinal records are maintained for all citizens from their initial prenatal assessment to death; all life-long records are aggregated into the knowledge bases of expert systems. These systems are providing the basis of the artificial intelligence being embedded in emerging technologies.
  • Smart technologies and invisible computing are ubiquitous in all sectors where care is delivered.
  • Clients and families are empowered to review and contribute actively to their record of health and wellness.
  • Invasive diagnostic techniques are obsolete, nanotechnology therapeutics are the norm, and robotics supplement or replace much of the traditional work of all health professions.
  • Nurses provide expertise to citizens to help them effectively manage their health and wellness life plans, and navigate access to appropriate information and services.

Scholarly writing includes clarity and flow of thoughts. You may want to include headings in your paper to ensure you are meeting all elements of the rubric.


APA Paper

APA Paper
Criteria Ratings Pts
Choose at least two of the technology enabled changes listed above and discuss clinical practice workflow impacts comparing current technology and the new technology.
10 pts
Based on the two technology enabled changes you chose, reflect on these advances and looking to the future, how do you envision nursing care will change?
5 pts
Find a current scholarly article that discusses nursing job satisfaction and the factors that influence such. Discuss the potential impacts on job satisfaction of the technologies outlined in the case scenario.
10 pts
Identify at least 3 ways that nurses could use the new technologies to partner with patients to manage their health.
10 pts
APA and Grammar- Title page/Running head- Body of paper/Header/Title: appropriate flow, syntax and context/3-5 pages- In-text citations- References-
10 pts
Total Points: 45

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