A real job you might apply for

A real job you might apply for. Start searching for job postings that might set you on the path toward your ideal job (or that actually reflect your ideal) that you could realistically apply for either now or a few years from now after (for example) you’ve finished at SFCC and have maybe had a little more relevant work experience. As you search for job postings, be thinking about Project 4 and a job that might work well for the assignment. After you’ve narrowed the search a little, post one or two of the job postings that looked likely or possible.

►If any of these jobs requires a little more experience or education than you currently have (and I encourage you to look at jobs that are currently a little beyond your reach), describe what you might do to make yourself a desirable candidate for that kind of job. OR ►If you have all of the qualifications already, discuss them in a way that shows us how your experience and education are the perfect fit for the job.

Then respond to one or two others, offering suggestions/observations about other ways they might prepare themselves for the job on the way to their dream job.

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