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Discussion Assignment

Assignment 1: Applying Memory Research to Learning

Due Saturday, May 23, 2015. Complete your participation for this assignment by Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

First review the Memory chapter in your textbook, then respond to all of the following prompts.

  1. Describe how the process of memorization works. Use the terms Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval in your explanation.
  2. Imagine that you have a son in 7th grade. Your son needs to memorize all the states and their capitals for his social studies class. Based on what you have learned in your text, provide twomemory tips or techniques for your son to use. In each case, provide enough detail to illustrate the technique you are recommending.
  3. State one fact you’ve learned about memory this module that will help you in your own studies.

Please be sure you address each question, using terms and concepts from your text. A good initial discussion response should be at least 150–250 words in length.

In order to earn full credit for participation, you must respond to two or more classmates in a substantive manner before the end of the module. Comment on or question the techniques that they recommended as compared to your own suggestions.


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