Healthcare Quality Policy and Law 3

Topic: Healthcare Quality Policy and Law

1. National standard of care: What do you think it means, from both a health care quality and legal perspective?

2. What part does licensing of providers and institutions and accreditation play in quality control of healthcare? In the Learn scape simulation “Evaluating a Healthcare Policy” you are the Director of Quality Improvement for Bright Road Health Care System, and are responsible for examining the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS’) evaluation of a new health care policy and how it may impact the Health Care System. You work with a team to determine the best way to monitor the implementation of policy within the Health Care System and report it to the DHHS. After you have completed the simultion, discuss the following: A) What is meant by “the impact of monitoring”? B) What is a major concern when implementing program evaluation?

3. Do you believe tort law helps avoid errors and promote higher quality of healthcare? Why or why not?

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