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Assignment 2

Preparing a Professional Development Plan (PDP)
A construction crew does not begin to build a new house without the
architect’s blueprint. Though issues may arise during construction
that requires changes to the blueprint, a blueprint serves as the
necessary foundation for construction and helps the crew to visualize
and track the impact of any changes.

Most business initiatives begin with some sort of plan, though type
and quality vary. As a business professional, you may have heard of
the value of strategic planning, and even been part of the strategic
planning process. Yet, many begin a doctoral program without a clear
vision of their goals or a plan for achieving them.

Articulating your goals, as well as developing a plan for how you will
achieve them, will help ensure your success by keeping you focused on
your goals when distractions arise and allowing you to track your
progress. You will articulate your goals by completing a PDP. The PDP
will serve as a living document, which you will continue to update
throughout your program to reflect changes in your goals and plans.
Having a plan in place will help you to visualize the impact of
challenges and opportunities that arise so that you can make changes
to both plans and goals to ensure your personal and professional
satisfaction and success.

Develop a plan for reaching three professional goals you want to
achieve during your DBA program of study by completing the PDP
Template located in this module’s Learning Resources. Your plan should
be 7 pages total. You may use, but are not limited to, the goals you
identified in Module 1.

For each of the three goals you select, include a 2- to 3-paragraph
goal narrative, a list of resources to help achieve your goal, and a
timeline for completion.

Your narrative should include:

A statement of your goal
Your motivation for wanting to achieve the goal and an explanation of
how it relates to your personal values
A brief description of the steps you intend to take to accomplish your goal
An explanation of how these steps reflect consideration of personal
strengths and weaknesses relevant to the goal

Your references section should include three resources with a
description of how each resource is relevant to your goal. Your
resources must include:

One reading (book, periodical, journal, etc.)
One social media site that will contribute to the formation of your
own personal learning network
Another resource of your choice

Your timeline should identify a minimum of three steps as milestones
for accomplishing each goal, and it should assign an estimated time
frame for completion.

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