Calculating Mortality and Autopsy Statistics


Upon completion of this activity, the student should be able to:

  • Retrieve requested patient data from a hospital database.
  • Calculate mortality/autopsy rates for a specific time period.

Definitions for the Assignment

Medical Patient is a patient who has no procedure code listed in the Principal Procedure column OR has a minor diagnostic or therapeutic procedure (codes 87.0-99.99) listed in the Principle Procedure Column

Surgical Patient is a patient with a Surgical Procedure code listed in the Principal Procedure column (excluding principal procedures which are minor diagnostic procedures – codes 87.0 to 99.99)


Download and review the Community Hospital Death Register from July 1, 20XX through December 31, 20XX.

  1. Download and save the Mortality and Autopsy Statistics Worksheet.
  1. Answer the questions in worksheet. Be sure to show your computations.
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