Statistics Homework Due Soon – Need Work Done Quickly

Focus Question # 4– Central Limit Theorem – Dice

      The central limit theorem is one of the most important results in statistics.  It also may be one of the most surprising.  Informally, the central limit theorem says that the normal distribution is everywhere!  No matter what probability distribution underlies an experiment, there is a corresponding distribution of means that will be approximately normal in shape. 

      The best way to both understand and appreciate the central limit theorem is to see it in action.  This activity will allow you to do just that!  You will examine the central limit theorem from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. First, simulations found on the Internet will help you understand the theorem itself.  Second, you will see how the theorem is key to such common activities as conducting polls and predicting election outcomes.

Go to the website 
Click on the textbook required for this course ~ (12th edition) 
Click Internet Projects 
Click Chapter 6 

READ through all of the information –exploring the applet with the indicated website
Complete ALL of the 3 questions located near the bottom of the webpage.

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