Group Decision Making, Barriers and improvement


As you develop theoretical knowledge and understanding, you should apply what you are learning in this assignment, as well as, future assignments. In this reflective exercise, you will examine the situation and context for the decisions and actions taken on a project. Extrapolating from what you are learning, you will use theories of group decision-making as a lens through which you view people, actions, and processes. Ultimately, this discussion should help you assess more accurately what happened and how the outcomes could have been improved.

Reflect on a project in which you have worked as part of a group in which conflict existed, and complete the following. Please note that your group experience is not limited to your work environment as you may also reflect on group decisions made at school or in external groups:

  • Discuss the group leader’s decision-making process in relation to what you have learned about the managerial decision-making process.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using group decision-making with this group.
  • Identify and explain barriers to decision-making encountered within your group.
  • Discuss how conflict was resolved and how it impacted the quality of the decisions and group creativity.
  • Recommend improvements to assist the group in effective decision-making.

Please use and list credible resources. 

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