Film Evaluation/ Essay

Watch: JFK .1991 by Oliver Stone


For evaluation of film answer questions in Essay

  1. How historically accurate is this film?  
  • Find 4 or 5 examples of historical (in)accuracy in the film.
  • Devote at least a full paragraph to each example.  Use reliable outside historical resources (books, articles, and reputable websites) – use quotes – as well as specific examples from the film to support your ideas here. 

 2. How are certain types of people portrayed (men, women, Asians, Latinos, blacks, whites, Native Americans, the religious, the poor, the rich, people with power, people without power, etc.)?

  •  The absence of a group that should appear in an accurate portrayal of this time period is also worth noting. 
  • Write a full paragraph of detailed examples from the film to support your assertion about the portrayal of each group (in other words, each group gets its own paragraph). 
  • You can use outside sources to support your claims about these groups: the accuracy of their portrayal, their absence

There is no need for an introduction or conclusion


chicago or MLA style format




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