summary needed

     Hi, IWAS required to Write a 300 words summary about SALMAN Khan A cadmy speech I have the link of the video title that you can watch on Youtube,,, its 20 mns long and here are the requitrment, im willing to pay 10 dollars its short writing,, ineed it o be finished tonight before 12 am.


Summarize the major points in the video Khan’s Academy. You should also write in response to the major statements and supporting evidence in Khan’s speech.

For example, what do you agree and disagree with Khan’s ideas? If you disagree with a point, you must indicate why. Whether the demonstration and his personal narration fully illustrate his points? Do you think his argument is strong or weak? Support your argument with appropriate evidence and organize them logically. You should include a clear and smooth transition between the summary and your response.

Your opinion is what matters in a response, and the word “I” is welcome. Your essay should be about 300 words. Follow MLA style throughout your paper.

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